Parents, community members and visitors … welcome to our web site. We hope you will like what you find, and your association with us will be a long and positive one.

We are a school which puts people first. Our primary concern is to provide our children with an excellent education within a supportive and caring environment.

We take considerable pride in the fact that we are a small school, and as such, have quite a deal to offer our students and their families that larger schools have more difficulty in providing. We take opportunities to promote our "enlarged family" environment where newcomers - parents, staff and students, quickly get to know everyone else in the school. We regularly acknowledge the achievements of schoolmates, highlighting successes that could otherwise be taken for granted in a less personalised environment.

Our small school environment brings about interaction and encourages cooperation between individuals and groups of varying interests and backgrounds. Our older students are involved in the activities of the younger ones and both girls and boys of different grades play together as a natural extension of a family. As members of this enlarged family, we need you to be closely involved in our school. For interested parents there are many avenues for active involvement. You can help in the classroom, attend our weekly school parade or join in the many and varied activities of the P & C Association, including tuckshop and social occasions.

We are always looking for ways to improve the services we provide so please keep us informed of your ideas and suggestions.

We look forward to working with you.

Ian Webb, Principal